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Death Do Us Part   2013
Clay   2008
Dogeaters   2007
The Belle of Belfast   2012
Dying City   2013
The New Electric Ballroom   2012
Frankie and Johnny  2013
Bell, Book and Candle   2012
Opus   2011
Falling For Make Believe   2013
I'll Be Back Before Midnight   2013
Shooting Star   2011
Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris   2010
The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder   2010
The Sequence   2008
TopDog/UnderDog   2010
Painted Alice   2007
365 Days/365 Plays-final week   2007
365 Days/365 Plays-opening week   2006
Chinese Massacre   2011
Lascivious Something   2010
Battle Hymn   2009
The Flu Season   2008
Eurydice   2006
The Brothers Karamazov   2005
Black-Eyed Sue   2005
Golden Prospects   2004
Philosophy of the World-The Shaggs   2004
The Folklore Project   2002
Children of a Lesser God   2009
A Streetcar Named Desire   2000/remount 2001
A Shoe is Not a Question   1999
Twelfth Night   1999
Inspecting Carol   1999
Rashoman   1998
Fiddler on the Roof   1998
Oklahoma   1997
A Piece of My Heart   1997
Joe Turners Come and Gone   1996
All My Sons   1996
Little Me   1995
Angels in America   1996
Costume and Set design
Buried Treasure   1996

Short Film- JP International Productions Ltd., Los Angeles
Kirk Douglas Theatre, Culver City
Ensemble Studio Theatre, L.A.
Rogue Machine Theatre Co. L.A.
Ensemble Theatre Co. of Santa Barbara
The Colony Theatre, Burbank
Boston Court Theatre/Circle X
Boston Court Theatre, Pasadena
Lillian Theatre, Los Angeles
Sphere Theatre Co. Los Angeles
Center Theatre Group Music Center Plaza L.A.
Center Theatre Group- California Plaza L.A.
Circle X Theatre Co. Atwater Village
Circle X Theatre Co. Ford Theatre
FSHA Independent Film  L.A.
Neurotic Young Urbanites/Powerhouse Theatre- Santa Monica
Ford Theatre/Powerhouse Theatre L.A.
Mark Taper Forum P.L.A.Y. workshop L.A.
Deafwest Theatre, North Hollywood
Mark Taper Forum New Works Festival
Neurotic Young Urbanites/Gascon Theatre Culver City
South Bay Center of the Arts- Torrance
American Stage Co. Teaneck, NJ
Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson
George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ

written & directed by Nate Edelman
directed by Eric Rosenburg
directed by Jon Rivera
directed by Claudia Weill
directed by Michael Peretzian
directed by John Perrin Flynn
directed by Saundra McClain
directed by Brian Schnipper 
directed by Brian Schnipper
directed by Jim Fall
directed by David Rose/Peter Colley
directed by David Rose
directed by Jon Rivera
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by Marty Papazian
directed by Jayne Taini
directed by Emilie Beck
directed by Bart DeLorenzo
directed by Jeff Liue
directed by Paul Willis
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by Jonathan Westerberg
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by Joe Fria
directed by Colin Campbell
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by Charlayne Woodard and Corey Madden
directed by Jonathan Barlow Lee
directed by Deborah Levine
directed by Robert Egan
directed by John Patrick Langs
directed by caryn morse
directed by caryn morse
directed by Ron Scarlata
directed by Ron Scarlata
directed by caryn morse
directed by caryn morse
directed by Sondra Lee
directed by Chuck Abbott
directed by David Schecter
directed by Joe Mancuso
written by Rick Sordelet

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